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Kino Sheryl and HAFF bring you a film that deals with the ever growing refugee crisis through fiction. The film will be screened three times (schedule below). During the Sunday screening on 20.9. there will be a discussion after the movie with some wine and snacks on the house.


After watching European tourists come and go for many years, Fettah takes off on an epic ocean journey along the Moroccan Atlantic coast to Europe on a windsurf board.


Beautifully shot on the Moroccan coast, Atlantic tells the story of a local fisherman who risks everything in the pursuit of a dream. Setting off on his windsurf board one morning he has only one goal: entering Fortress Europe and finding the woman he loves.


A fisherman during the off-season, Fettah (Fettah Lamara) is a passionate windsurfer. His existence comes to life during the summer when he acts as a windsurfing guide for tourists seeking the famed waves of his village, Moulay Bouzarqtoune. Each year he makes friends with the visitors, and each year they leave. He stays behind, eking a living from the dwindling amount of fish.


This summer, he meets European couple Jan (Jan-Willem van Ewijk) and Alexandra (Thekla Reuten). Though he knows she isn’t available, Fettah falls for the young woman. When the couple departs, he decides it’s time for him too to leave Morocco behind.


A skilled windsurfer, Fettah intends to cross the Atlantic on his board. After training his mind and body for the crossing, he sets off on an epic journey towards an undefined dream, risking everything. 


Atlantic is a sensitive but poignant film about a young man’s dream of a better future in the context of Europe’s increasingly closing borders. It’s not a straightforward immigration drama, however, but perhaps best described as a poetic and beautifully shot surfing film with a powerful, contemporary message.

Kesto: 1h 34min