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Saturday's Short Triathlon

Lauantain lyhytelokuva triathlon K-18
Saturday's Short Triathlon

Palestine Like Heaven (9 min, Palestine)

Short film about life after graduation and current work culture in West Bank. (2014)


Saunoa (24 min, Finland)

Three-part documentary set in different places in or around Helsinki where there’s a sauna. The film is about Finnish social relationships somewhere in, out or next to the sauna. Filmed in a swimming-hall, a public sauna in Kallio and a family sauna by a lake. The whole piece is organised as an opera, with 2 acts and one intermission in between. (2014)


See the trailer here.


Shame (8 min, Palestine)

Short film discussing adultery crimes and the nonsense of honour killings in Palestine and other Arabic countries. (2014)

Kesto: 0h 45min

Moi Yalla! is both a film festival and a cultural exchange between Finland and Palestine. It is the first event of its kind in Helsinki. We will screen films back to back, exploring what makes us different and showing where we are the same. "Make films, not wars".

The festival will host a questions and answers session, workshops and introduce few guests, two of them have travelled all the way from Jenin, Palestine for the event.

Tickets are 6,5-8€. You can also purchase a day ticket for Saturday or Sunday for the price of 14€ or a Festival Pass for the entire festival for 25€.