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Short Films from Tallinn University

Lyhytelokuvia Tallinnan yliopistosta K-12

Tallinn University presents a selection of short films in Kino Sheryl for free. The event starts at 18:00 with an introduction to the university and is followed by the screenings at 18:40. More information available here. Registration can be done here. The event is free of charge.

Film Programme

Every year Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School is responsible for producing about 50% of Estonian films. The programme will be concentrating on themes that sometimes seem so trivial that we don't put much thought into them. Media talks about them and we talk about them, but do we really think about them?

__thumb_-2-culprit.jpgCulprit (2015)


Director: Indrek Kaine

Lenght: 18.14'

Indrek is a humble boy, who is a victim of school violence: he is forced to do a prank which leads him to police questioning.


__thumb_-2-49647_normal.jpgChildren of Karosta (2010)


Director: Janis Jurkovskis

Lenght: 28.00'

This film examines social conditions surrounding community of Karosta ‐ a place that once used to be a Soviet military base, today has become a place for a constant struggle of survival.

Children of Karosta tells a story of Viktorija’s family, living in a former Soviet military base in Latvia – Karosta. The surrounding environment, its isolation and the national socio‐economic situation has put these people under the test of survival. After a loss of an apartment Viktorija and her eight children look for ways to escape the common destiny, surrounding Karosta community.


__thumb_-2-only son.jpgOnly son (2015)


Director: Johannes Straßner

Lenght: 10.26'

As a young teenager, Margus (37) led a double life. At home he pretended to be a good boy, in the street he enjoyed fighting, alcohol and girls. The constant lies to his mother worked well, until one day he got arrested and sentenced to six and a half years in jail...


__thumb_-2-the man from samaria.jpgThe Man From Samaria (2016)


Director: Maria Aua

Lenght: 25.33'

Labyrinths, corridors, rooms, and men - they're stuck in there. How to find a way out?

Kesto: 2h 0min